Curtis Layer Design/Build Inc. can offer complete turnkey land and building packages. By using the design/build approach to construction, the Curtis Layer team is committed to meeting the client's every need from concept to completion.

The design/build process combines complete design, estmating, scheduling, contract management, and construction into one single source package. This enables effective, responsive communication with no cost surpises.

Major benefits to using the design/build process are:

Cost Control
When the design team and contractor work together, construction budgets are developed concurrently with design. This helps establish the most cost-effective plan for construction. Team members are informed quickly regarding design issues that affect both cost and schedule.

Fast project completion
Communication between the design and construction personnel is facilitated, resulting in an overall reduced project schedule. The design/build process allows materials, and in some cases actual construction, to begin while the project is still in the final design stage. The entire project can be completed faster, reducing administrative expense and construction loan fees.

Reduced risk
Because one firm is responsible for the design and construction, there are no disagreements over responsibility for specific areas. The risk of cost overruns and missed completion dates is reduced when a single source is repsonsible for the successful completion of the project.

Improved quality and value
The design/build approach teams all aspects of the construction process in one collective group. This team of architects, engineers, and builders working together reduces uncertainty and costs, while increasing quality and innovation.

Curtis Layer Design/Build Inc. has a proven track record in the construction industry and is committed to service, quality, and intergrity from concept to comletion.

Financing Assistance

The managment teams of Aurora Industrial Park II and Curtis Layer Design/Build Inc. work closely with several major financial instituions and have strong liaisons with local governmental agencies to facilitate incentives. A wide range of financial assistance on land and building packages is available.

Some examples of the most utilized incentive programs are:

  • Mortgage Services
  • Construction and Land Financing
  • State and Local Aid Packages
  • Industrial Development Revenue Bond
  • SBA 504 Loan
  • Ohio 166 Regional Loan Program
  • Direct Loan (166 Loan)
  • Ohio Enterprise Bond Fund
  • 1031 Exchange

Also Offered:

  • Leasing
  • Build to Lease
  • Lease with Option to Buy